"We regularly work with local chefs like Jose Andres and Amy Riolo who are committed to educating the DC community about what we put into our bodies and the food polices that impact our daily lives."

                                                                                Sara Parker, The Hill Rag



Amy plans, coordinates, and delivers lectures on the topics of culinary history, nutrition, and food anthropology for universities, embassies, and cultural institutions including but not limited to:


NBC Health and Fitness Expo Washington, DC

"Diabetes Friendly Cooking and Living: Italian Style" January 2016

Global Ties National Meeting Washington, DC

"Culinary Diplomacy and the Role of Food in International Exchange" January 2016

Cornell University's Entrepreneur Network New York, NY

"The Business of Food Media" February 2016

Mediterranean Diet Roundtable Beverly Hills, CA

"Chefs, Media, and Public Opinion" April 2016

EVOO Alexandria, VA

"The Moroccan Table" March 2016

The Italian Cultural Society, Washingon, DC

“Puccini on a Plate: Opera and Its Influence on Italian Cuisine” March 2016

The Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles, CA

"Exploring the Art, Nature, Culture, and Cuisine of Calabria" November 2016

The International Association of Culinary Professionals, Chicago, Illinois

“The Goodness of Goat” April 2014

"Middle Eastern Cuisine" April 2012

The Culinary Historians of Washington, DC

“Cuisine and Culture of the Arab World” 2007,

“Ottoman Cuisine and its Influence” 2012,

“Southern Italian Cheese and Pasta Traditions” February 2014

Library of Congress, Washington, DC

"The Mediterranean Diet: Delicious Food Prescriptions for Transforming Illness" May 2015

"Diabetes Friendly Cooking and Living" November 2014

"Nile Style" National Book Festival August 2014

Egyptian Cuisine and Culture” September 2013

 “Cuisine and Culture of the Arab World” January 2011

Les Dames D’Escoffier, Washington, DC

"Celebrating Women in the Culinary Arts" February 2016

“Sacred Foods of Italy,” December, 2013

“Hands on Middle Eastern Dessert Workshop (Philadelphia) May, 2012

“The History of Ottoman Cuisine and its Influence on the Arab World,” May, 2012,

Plan two biannual international education programs as chair of Global Culinary Initiative

Sharjah International Book Fair, United Arab Emirates,

Understanding Diabetes-Friendly Cuisine” November 2011 and November 2012

The National Italian American Foundation, Washington, DC

“Cuisine and Culture of Calabria” October 2012

The Munson-Proctor Institute Utica, New York

“Salt and Spice: Exploring the Egyptian Table”, “Ancient Egypt for Educators”,

“The Shared Table: Egypt and it’s Multicultural Cuisine” August 2012

National Geographic Washington, DC

“Anglo Saxon Cuisine” August 2012 and “1,001 Inventions” September, 2012

The US Endocrine Society Boston, MA and Houston, TX

Weighing in on Acromegaly and Understanding Stigma of Type II Diabetes”, June 2012 “Cooking for Pleasure and Health” June 2011

VA Dept. of Education “The Future of Culinary Science” June 2012

Georgetown University, Washington, DC Center for Contemporary Arab Studies

“The Cuisines and Cultures of the Arab World”, and “Ancient Egypt for Educators” June 2009

Fulbright Commission, Cairo, Egypt “Egyptian Culinary History” October 2010

Johns Hopkins University, Center for Advanced International Studies, Washington, DC

“The Culinary Jewels of the Nile”, June 2009

The Embassy of Egypt, Washington, DC

continuous speaker on a range of culinary topics (2006-present)

The Embassy of Yemen, Washington, DC

“Incense and Spice: An Overview of Yemeni Culture” March, 2009

Montgomery College, Rockville, MD

“A Taste of the Arab World” (2007 and 2009)

The Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African Art, Washington, DC

“Edible Treasures”, January 2009 and “North African Dessert and Tea Tour” July 2010;

The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

“Arabian Cuisine from 7th Century to Present”, 2008 and TBD

The Textile Museum, Washington, DC

“Daily Splendors: 19th Century Cuisine from Timbuktu to Tibet” 2008

The Bibliotecha Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt

“Arabian Delights”, 2008, Nile Style: Egyptian Cuisine and Culture: 2009 and 2010