June 28 

Mediterranean Diet Made Easy Series

L'academie de Cuisine

Bethesda, MD

June 30

Greek Island Dinner

L'academie de Cuisine

Bethesda, MD


Teen Summer Camp: Cooking from Ancient Cultures
Learning from ancient cultures can make our current food world more flavorful and fun! This camp will teach teens the basics of three world cuisines along with culinary history. Cultural expert Chef Amy Riolo teaches teens the skills needed to prepare delicious, homemade meals at home.
Open to teens 13-17 years old.
Greece: Feta and Dill Pastries Tzatziki Grilled Chicken Souvlaki Sandwiches Green Grocer's Salad Baklava Rolls Rome: Bruschetta with Artichoke Puree Pasta Cacio e Pepe Pollo in Umido/Chicken Stew Strawberry Tiramisu Egypt: Egyptian Lemonade Rice & Vermicelli Pilaf Beef, Okra, and Tomato Stew Shepherds Salad Sweet Semolina Cake

October 24-November 4

Moroccan Mosaic Culinary Tour