Amy Riolo | is a true guardian of the techniques and inherent goodness of the Mediterranean lifestyle
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Amy Riolo’s Blog

Sharing history, culture, and nutrition through global cuisine and travel

Introducing My New Calabrian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

 “The day that Calabria was created God found 15,000 Km of green clay with purple reflections in his fist…the Lord promised himself that he would make a masterpiece and Calabria came out of his hands…..” ~ Leonida RepaciMy ancestral homeland of Calabria...

Savoring the Flavors of the Maghreb & Southern Italy

Despite the fact that Italian food has earned top rank as both the world's and the United States' favorite cuisine, there are still many layers of regional flavors that remain unknown outside of their respective communities. Among these "culinary time...

Edible Love on National Italian Food Day

 February 13 is National Italian Food Day in the United States, and I'm ready to celebrate my love for all things Italian on Fox 5 DC tomorrow! Since it's the day before Valentine's Day, I thought heart shaped Ravioli Capresi,...

Top 20 Italian Recipes to Make with The Amy Riolo Selections Italian Essentials Gift Box

I'm proud to offer a new  personally selected box of high-quality, artisan Italian products needed to make my Top 20 Italian Recipes.  Salads are the first thing that come to mind when you taste my private label extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar combo, which...

Top 5 Fun and Creative Italian Solutions for Holiday Entertaining

We’re just a few nights away from the Winter Solstice and we could all use a little extra cheer on our tables. But since Christmas and New Year are just days away, there's no time to spare. Here are my top...

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